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If you think that starting a business requires a huge investment to start, guess what – you’re wrong! So today, you’ll learn 10 business ideas that you can start with only $100 and perhaps increase your monthly income!

Just a note before we start: With $100 you will only be able to validate your idea and perhaps find your first customers. Every business needs more money to scale and grow in a healthy way!

Frozen Food Delivery

Something that bothers many people after a day of work is coming home and having to prepare dinner, right? How great would it be if you could only put something in the microwave and eat it after a few minutes!

This idea was already invented and big companies sell their frozen food, even if it’s not that healthy! What you can do is prepare a weekly menu with healthier options and deliver them every Sunday or any other day that you wish!

And if you want, you can go to a more specific niche, like fit people (with a specific amount of calories they need to consume), gluten free diets, vegetarians, vegan, old people (that need to reduced salt in their diets), baby food… you get the idea!

You can create a funnel that works this way: Ads (Google or social media) will bring your customer to your communication channel (social media profile or website or WhatsApp/Telegram) and people will order their food and pay using Stripe, PayPal, or any other payment gateway you decide to use! Super simple! Try to advertise to your local area, reducing marketing costs and delivery expenses – which you can cover or make your customers pay for it, if you want to! The key is to make it as simple as possible!

Tourist Guide

You live in a city that has lots of tourists? You can use that as an advantage and create a side hustle as a tourist guide, taking your customers through new and cooler tours through your city! If you live in a big city (New York kind of place) take them through the places that tourists usually don’t go – that cool street, that great coffee shop, that family managed restaurant or that hand made souvenir shop. If you live in a smaller city, there are also opportunities you can grab to make money: what are the main points of your city? Do you have historical sites, financial district, museums, cool buildings, nice shows? Create a list of those interesting places and create some ads for your services! Like the previous example, all you need is a communication platform to connect your ads to and allow your future customers to contact you, ask for your prices, availability, etc…

NFT Merch

The NFT market has increased a lot in the past couple of years and you should start your business focusing on nfts as well!

Use some no-code tools to create your marketplace for nft merch. Your customers can confirm that they own a specific nft (thanks to the blockchain) and buy merch made with their own nfts – 100% personalized and you can offer a unique selling experience to all of your customers! You can even create some previews using plugins, where people upload an image and see their pictures on some templates that you provide.

If you want to make it just a “marketplace about nfts” you can simply sell collection themed merch like Bored Apes hoodies, Crypto Punks socks, Azuki shirts, among other collections that you can explore!

Sugar Free Dessert

The amount of people that have health problems because of the amount of sugar they consume is huge so there’s a rising search for healthier desserts that you can target and sell in your local area. You can do a delivery system, catering for small parties and events and scale your business when you have your first few customers.

When the goal is to sell to local customers, you should look for local suppliers as well. First because you are looking for free marketing and second because you can be sure that you are using quality (and organic, if possible) products.

Pool Cleaning

Right before summer, you can find a lot of people with pools looking for someone to clean them, so if you know how to clean pools, balance the water Ph level and purify the water so no bacteria grows in it, you should create your marketing funnels, look for potential customers and clean pools in your free times! Many people do it and receive great tips after finishing the job! If you know what you’re doing, you’ll see it’s not that easy.

Luxurious Pet Clothes

Do you know how much money people spend with their pets? It’s crazy how much this market make per year and if you are interest in being part of the millions of dollars (or any other currency!) that this market does per year, you should try and make some luxurious pet clothes. All you need is to make them yourself (if you know how to) or find a supplier that manufactures the clothes and sends them to you (if you want to manage stock) or send the product directly to your customers house (dropshipping business model). the options inside this niche are endless and you can make your business stand out just by using incredible marketing strategies and great ads on social media! Don’t forget that cats and dogs are the most searched images on the internet, so create a good Instagram or TikTok profile and share as many videos as you can (from your own pet or from your customers)

Home Automation Setup

The great part about this idea is that you don’t need to build anything – you’ll offer a service, not a product! A lot of people want to automate their houses and they don’t know where to start! You can offer a service that automate specific areas or tasks in the house and you can buy the devices directly from the supplier and sell them to your customers and make a small profit with that (plus your service!)

You can automate LEDs, sound systems, alarms, garage doors, TVs, ACs, and connect all the devices to an app or even a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home!

Organic Herbs

Herbs make a huge difference on a recipe! And if you go to any local market you will see that there’s always someone selling aromatic herbs like basil, oregano or rosemary! But what if they’re organic? You can run several tests and understand how you can increase the quality of the herbs you’ll sell! The microgreen niche is very intense and provides great opportunities for small and urban farmers! All you need is to learn the process, buy the necessary materials, the seeds and wait a few weeks to harvest the herbs! It’s easy and you can even automate certain steps of the process, making it even easier for you to run this operation as simple side hustle!

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