How Much Time Do You Spend Online?


You’ve received a notification from your smartphone saying that you’ve spend X amount of hours using it in the past week, right? This happens to everyone all the time and it is important for you to know where to draw the line between “using your phone in a healthy way” and “being addicted”. As an entrepreneur (better said, as a healthy human being) it is important that you use the internet, specially social media – to learn new things and be connected with a bigger audience that wants to connect with you.

But many people lose focus and don’t achieve their goals because they spend more time watching others achieve their goals than actually working on their side projects that can in the near future increase their monthly income – we all do that, admit it!

Being addicted to social media

I don’t know if you consider Youtube as a social media platform but I definitely consider it a “possibility to lose focus fast” kind of platform because you get suggested videos and the research that was suppose to take 30 min to do, becomes a crazy rollercoaster of content that made you waste 90 minutes of your day – and time is the only asset we have that we can’t get back!

The same thing happens with TikTok, Instagram, chatting with friends, Facebook or Twitter – they suck time that is precious for you and make you lose your focus!

Get things done!

“But hey, does that mean that I can’t use social media anymore?” – no, that’s not what I mean. You can enjoy your social media platform (and streaming services as well) if you have a balanced ration of work and fun in your day. I personally struggle a lot with that and I know that if I don’t set a 1 part of my time free and 2 parts being “work time” I don’t achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself.

I have two amazing tips that help me a lot throughout the day:

  • When I want to take a break for a snack, take a look at my Instagram or tweet something I say: I’ll do it later! – and it works! Somehow my mind cannot tolerate “never”, but can tolerate “later” and that’s great because most of the times I end up forgetting that I said I would do that later.
  • Every time I want to take a look on my Instagram feed or watch an interesting video on Youtube I usually save it for later and during the large break of my Pomodoro, I go through all the content I previously saved.

The importance of get things done when they need to be done is more important that all the content you will see! Because if there’s something that Instagram, Youtube or even TikTok cannot teach you is the discipline of getting things done when they need to be done – and that’s a great soft skill you should bring to your workplace!

Set your goals

Lastly, the most important thing about getting things done is making sure that they are realistically organized for you to do them in the amount of time you are supposed to do them! There’s no way you will present a fully responsive website (coded!) that has all the 20 features that a client asked you in a matter of hours! Things take time and the rule number one of setting goals is respecting the time that things required in order to be completed!

So next time you think about watching that 15 min video on Youtube or watching the new Instagram reel your friend shared, take a step back, look at your agenda and make sure you are following the right priorities in order to achieve your goals!

Some tools that might help you

Pomodoro Timer

Google Calendar

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