For whatever reason you’ve been wondering how to grow your business and you need some ideas? That’s great because today I want to share with you some ideas that might help you achieve a whole new level with your business and make you a successful business man or woman!

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Know Your Competitors

Business is not about who comes first, but who solves the problem better! When I talk about this, I always like to use Google as an example of “do it better, not faster!”. When Google started as (just) a searching engine, many others existed and were used by millions of users all around the globe. But the thing that Google did different is that the websites were listed according to number of links each website had – meaning, they were more relevant to the users! With this feature, Google is now the most used searching engine in the world.

Improve Your Sales Funnel

I had a problem with one my companies a few months ago – our monthly sales were decreasing and I had to check what was happening. After a few weeks of changing everything and doing some research I found out that our sales funnel were getting old – the ads were not as effective as before, the website was the same after years and years of use and the customers (new and old ones) were not fascinated with our customer trajectory.

That’s why it is important to innovate our business always!

Use Global Platforms As Another Selling Channel

I want you to know something – you have businesses that don’t have a sales platform of their own. Instead, they use amazon to sell their products and run their ads taking the customer directly to the big selling company. This way they show their own product to a platform that has millions of daily visitors and don’t have many costs maintaining and owning a team to carry the orders! Just great!

Open a Franchise

Have you ever heard of… McDonald’s? Just kidding! McDonald’s is simply one of the biggest franchise network in the world and is known in every country! If you have a business that is suitable to be part of a franchise business model, you should considered it so you can increase your numbers and get your brand to more cities without having to manage them all at the same time and under the same team! This way you can share the work (and the profit) but you’ll end up making much more money than you would if you had to do all the work alone!

Customer Relationship Management

When was the last time you emailed your customers? Have you sent him any great offers lately? If you have a business, it’s very important that you create a connection with the people that spend money with your services and products! That’s the least you could do. and if you do some research you’ll understand the massive impact that a good relationship with your customer can have for your business and all the benefits you can gather from said connection! You should give it a try!

Renovate Your Email List

On the other hand, if you have old customers who don’t buy from you anymore, you should consider renovating your email list and connect with those that really want you to connect with them! You will see than combining this step with the previous step will bring great benefits to your business!

Start A Loyalty Program

If you have a good product or service, customers will come back again and buy more! That’s something that I strongly believe in and that I always say to my friends that own businesses. And a great opportunity to increase the chances of them coming back is having a loyalty program that they can participate and earn point to later change for discounts or special deals! All customers like a great discount when they buy 10 times in your shop, right?

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