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I’ve spent the past few years trying to find the best source of knowledge to help me be a better person and help me be a better entrepreneur. There are a lot of ways you can acquire knowledge and you should always try new ways of getting it, but I found out that I learn better by reading books.

After some time of reading technical books, I needed to filter a little bit all the knowledge I had acquired and for that, I decided to create a list of books that will provide you all the knowledge that I have (so far!).

So if you are like me and you prefer books over any other type of content, let me share with you these books that will change your mind. You’re free to skip some, if you find them less interesting than what you are looking for and feel free as well to add more books to this list. If you would like to recommend me any books from your list, feel free to do it on Instagram or Twitter!

Done: The Secret Deals That Are Changing The World

This book written by Jacques Pereti presents a whole new perspective on the amount of businesses that happen in the world and that we have no clue they exist, since they don’t impact our lives directly. I consider it a “weekend read” but I understand that people might need a little bit more time to understand the concepts presented and also to establish connection between the events that the book presents.

If you want to buy the book, you can find it here.

How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

I’m sharing with you one of the easiest books to read in this list. People might think that a book written by Bill Gates is something very dense and difficult to understand but Bill did a great job making it accessible for everyone, using a simple language and avoiding difficult analysis.

You’ll read about the research done by Bill and how startups are helping fighting climate change, how the world economy is reacting and how it will react to major changes in the near future and you’ll be presented ways of helping this change in the world.

If you want to buy the book, you can find it here.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, And The Quest For A Fantastic Future

The main reason behind me liking Elon Musk is because when I was a younger, he was the main inspiration for Tony Stark’s character in the MCU, played by Robert Downey Junior – which was my favourite character of all times, followed by Bruce Wayne – you see the whole concept I’m building here, right?

While reading this book I got the opportunity to know more of Elon’s past and what he had to sacrifice in order to achieve his goals. The hard work, the obstacles, the romantic affairs, that’s all part of his life and while reading it, we get a false idea of belonging that made me have a great time.

If you want to buy this book, you can find it here.

Creativity: Overcoming The Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way Of True Inspiration

If there’s a book that caught me by surprise, this is the book. I read it thinking it was a technical book about how we can change our mind and be creative individuals and how that helps our jobs – and that’s definitely not the purpose of this book!

On the contrary, this book tells the story of how Pixar inspired their members of staff and how they developed the most amazing movies of all time – what’s behind the whole creative process and how that impacts other people. It can be used as a step-by-step for you to bring your business to the next level and thrive!

If you want to buy this book, you can find it here.

The Lean Startup

If you want to understand the logical and technical side of a startup, please read this book – it will provide you a lot of insights and explain everything with a lot of details! It is a great source of knowledge for those who also want to manage a business or develop a new product inside a company that already exists – you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to give this book a try!

If you want to buy this book, you can find it here.

Start-up Nation

You read about Israel’s history and got curious about how this country developed itself to compete with other world powers like the U.S and China? Start-up Nation guides you through the 60 years of history of Israel and its technological, military, economical and social development and provides incredible lessons that you might want to bring into your startup work environment – that’s something you should do!

If you want to buy this book, you can find it here.

Side Hustle

Working from 9 to 5 is the only way for many people to pay the bills at the end of the month and they don’t have time to spend on startups or creating their own business full time, so the Side Hustle, written by Chris Guillebeau explains you how to start your side hustle in less than a month and slowly transition from a full time job to your side hustle without risking your stable income at the end of the month. It’s definitely a good starting point for those who need a roadmap!

If you want to buy this book, you can find it here.

I hope you found this book list helpful. As I said, feel free to skip some titles or add some to your personal list. If you have any recommendation, please share those with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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